NLP 4th Generation

Exploring source and beyond

What is
4th generation NLP?

NLP 4th generation is an international co-creation movement exploring and modeling spiritual transformational experiences. It is the study of the subjective experience of Connecting to Higher Levels and Expanded States of Spiritual Consciousness, of both people and collectives.


Where and when did it start collectively?

Bali Indonesia September 7th to 17th 2017 with 25 passionate NLP coaches, trainers and developers from 13 different countries

What’s been done to date?

First modelings of spiritual leaders and healers in Bali on ability to connect to Source, determining basic and operational presuppositions, sharing views and discoveries on this level, practicing intention experiments, coordinating further developments and spreading the word.

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain, all leading to the same place, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only person wasting time is the one who runs around the mountain telling everyone that her or his path is wrong.
Hindu Proverb

What are next steps in development of 4th generation?

  • Modeling spiritual leaders, groups, transformations, practices, etc.
  • Refining 4th generation presuppositions
  • Creating new techniques from modeling
  • Enhancing past NLP techniques
  • Integrating Neurosciences and other sciences

Who or what will be modeled?

Spiritual leaders, collectives, transformations, practices and rituals, sacred places, etc.

Core modeling questions for people and groups

Do you recognise a moment in time in which you encountered a spiritual transformation or a shift in Consciousness that radically changed your way of experiencing life and the world?

Can you share something of what happens/happened?

And may more curiosities…


Who can contribute to further develop this generation?

NLP coaches, trainers and developers who have life experience at this level and a calling to engage and contribute to NLP 4th Generation’s evolution. Other key criterions to participate:

• Have spirit for research and be passionate about NLP and Robert Dilts work;
• Be available for monthly meetings and be comfortable with English;
• Be opened to sharing your findings and discoveries;
• Have an interest to collaborate with different languages, cultures, faiths for the benefit and good of all.

Feel compeled to participate? Please
Let us know how you fit the criterions and what interests and motivates you to join us.

How will 4th generation be developed?

Here are a few examples that support multi-modal collective exploration, learning and co-creation:

Retreats/learning journeys

Regrouping together in different sacred places around the world every 2 years

Collective cell work

-Research and development cells
-Group of modelers modeling togethers
-Group of integrators of scientific studies and concepts on spirituality
-Intention and experience cells

Fleur de vie

Community calls and online forum

-Sharing results with community of peers -Shared written reflections, experiences, questions

Developmental coaching’s and trainings

-Testing and applying learnings in a coaching and training context -Reflecting, reviewing and adjusting process’s

All of the above enriched by personal daily pratice creating dynamic feed-back.